from 34 to 48 - English version

A chic and snug jacket. Fully lined with top of the range finishes. Choose from two lengths and mix and match with the changing seasons.

Leather or contrasting shoulder fabric inset. 

♥♥♡ Sewing level: intermediate to advanced (beginners: try Do Brasil and then LaPetite Robe to master the techniques needed)

A4 format (Letter format on simple demand at boutique@vanessapouzet.com)

7,90 €


Pattern available as a downloadable PDF file only.

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Pattern available in eight sizes: from 34 to 48. The pattern is ready to cut, ready to sew. Seam allowances are included.

Translated from French by Tara O’Donoghue with the assistance of Nathalie from La mouette au sec

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